Every year Caroga Lake Music Festival’s free concerts are made possible by the help of the community. Thank you for your continuing support!



All CLMF musicians travel from across the world to perform in the Adirondack area.11878868_10207632871365798_7076658293515878492_o

Your donation directly supports this travel.

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*Caroga Arts Collective is a tax-deductible 501 c-3 non-profit organization*



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HOUSING and MEAL DONATIONS12339296_1646574672278799_637155928484757924_o

To accommodate musicians throughout the festival, we depend on the generous housing and meal donations from our neighbors. Your kind offer to provide housing or meals for our musicians will help keep our concerts free for the community. We truly appreciate your donations for the hardworking musicians during their residency at Caroga Lake.

To learn more about being a Sponsor, Volunteer, House donor or Meal donor, please email us at